Lets celebrate a generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators, the nonconformists and rebels, who refused to fit-in and re-shaped the world instead.

People who let their style, aura, and personality speak for their urge to stand out. Lets celebrate a fashion collection that will evolve as an answer to your every style related curiosity.

Style that not only complements but inspires you.

Lets celebrate the initiative to re-define the way luxury and customised fashion is perceived.

Lets celebrate DesignMee

Re-defining the way luxury and customised fashion is perceived

‘DesignMee evolved from a dream, passion, and perseverance of extensively skilled fashion enthusiasts, who understand nooks and cranny of the industry and felt the need to bridge the gap between the fashion aficionados and runway.


‘We celebrate you’ and hence DesignMee revolves around the single instinct of catering to our customer’s design stand for authenticity and reliability. Our key values include

‘Crafted for You.’