1. Brief history of shirts

    • In the middle ages, in Europe, shirt became a garment to be worn next to the skin as an undergarment.

    • Earliest shirts were either made of linen or wool, and did not have a front open placket, but were rather worn over the head and tightened by button at the hem.

    • Under Henry VII during 1485-1409 open neck shirts were worn in England, with detachable sleeves doublet on top of it.

    • During the time of Louis the XIII in France, in the mid of 17th century, men’s doublet became shorter and the shirts became more visible at the cuff and hem for the first time.

    • In 18th Century, shirts became a garment of significance, and were no longer seen as an undergarment. Shirts were made of linen and silk and had fancy detachable collars.

    • The first buttoned shirt was registered by Brown, Davis and Co. in 1871, which only became popular after The Great War (WW1).