1. Vocabulary of a shirt

    • Collar

      Collar is an essential part of the shirts and often the biggest factor in defining the style of the shirt. Some popular collars include Forward tip or Classic collar, Button down collar, Spread collar, Mandarin collar, and Winged-tip collar.

    • Placket

      Placket is the button enclosure that holds the front opening of the shirt together.

    • Yoke

      Yoke is the part of the shirt that sits over the shoulder. It is a support for the fall of the shirt.

    • Epaulette

      Epaulette is an accessory used on the shoulder of the shirt. The design was inspired from military uniforms and complements casual shirts.

    • Sleeves

      Fitted and ideal length of sleeves is important for a clean and polished look of the shirt. Shirts are made with either half sleeve ending around the mid of the biceps, or full sleeves that is buttoned around the wrist.

    • Cuff

      Cuff can be experimented with, offering a complete makeover to an everyday shirt. Cuffs accesorised with cufflinks make you look dapper for a dressy occasion. Different types of cuffs include Square cuff, Round cuff, Angle cut, Two button, Three button, and French cuff.

    • Hem

      Hemline is the cut of the shirt at the bottom end. It is generally straight in a formal shirt, which are to be tucked in, and round in a casual shirt.

    • Pleats

      Pleats on back of the shirt are for added comfort and space, for those who prefer a relaxed fit or have a heavier body type.

    • Darts

      The excess fabric at the back of the shirt is folded and turned into darts, to offer a sleek fit.