1. 1. How to carry a Collar Pin

    Wish to add a little American drama to your style? Collar pins are one of the classic gentlemen jewelry that is scrapping its way back into fashion. Collar pins are essentially worn to hold your collars together, making a perfect display for a finely tied tie knot, while highlighting the vibrant colours of the tie and bringing more attention to it. Collar pins are a perfect accessory for a dressy event and yet keep it a notch casual while not letting you look shabby or underdressed.

    From a variety of shapes, colours, and styles to choose from, the mantra is to keep it simple and classy. But you need to remember that not every collar can be accesorised with a collar pin. Collars like cut away are big No for collar pins. Ideal collars that look better groomed with collar pin include forward point collars and club collars. Another thing you need to consider before adding collar pins to your wardrobe is that you always need a tie to wear a collar pin. Without a formal shirt with a tie collar pin looks like a complete miss-match.

  2. 2. Collars that are classics to wear a tie with.

    • Cut away

      Cut away collars are a trendier version of spread collars, where the collars are further spread apart (7 inches to be exact.) These collars make a bold statement but should ideally never be worn without a tie.

    • Forward tip collar

      Forward tip collar is a classic style for a formal ensemble. It adds style to a traditional shirt and offers a perfect display for the different knots of tie. Forward tip collar should always be worn with a tie for a chic look.

    • Winged-tip collar

      Winged-tip collars are heavily starched collars that resemble to wings and are ideally seen on a tuxedo shirt. Winged collars should be reserved for most formal of the occasions and should only be carried with a bow tie.

  3. Know your hem

      Hemline is often neglected, and yet an important part of your shirt selection process. Hem is the cut of your shirt at the very bottom, and traditionally is either rounded or straight.

      To chose the right hem for your shirt it is important to understand the basic difference between the two hems.

      Straight hems are used in formal shirts, where you know that you are always going to tuck the shirt in without any exception. Straight hem shirts are ideally longer than the round hem shirt to give it ample room for tucking in. Whereas round hemline is used for casual shirts, which you would be wearing tucked out over a pair of denims or chinos. Round hem looks stylish when left tucked out, but are not recommend if you would be tucking the shirt in, as they don’t stay as clean inside your trouser.